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Reservations / Travel Information

Travelers can book or book their trip in writing or electronically (for example, email). The booking / booking shall be a binding order of the travel agent by the travel participant to arrange a travel contract between him and the tour operator or other service providers.
The traveler must be bound to his / her registration or reservation request from the date of registration / booking
The contractual obligation of the travel agent should be limited to the orderly provision of travel services. To the extent that the travel agent provides information about travel services to the traveler, no responsibility or assurance by the travel agent will be involved. The travel agency assumes no responsibility or guarantee for the success of the tour.
To the extent that the enrollment / booking includes other travel participants, the person making the booking / booking must act as their representative. The person making the booking / booking will be responsible for compliance with the contract, also for the additional persons included in the services.
Tour operators or other service providers must confirm the registrations / reservations in writing.
Travelers will be required to verify the reservation confirmation delivered to them immediately for correction and integrity, and to point out any inaccuracies or differences to the tour operator or other service provider.

Luggage: The luggage is the responsibility of the customer.


The prices of each cruise are based on the costs in force in the edition of this site. Prices can be changed up to 20 days before the start of each cruise if there are variations in the cost of the product components. Any change in price will be communicated to Customer who, within a period of time defined by the company, will accept the change of price or cancel the reservation in accordance with the terms and conditions established in these Terms and Conditions. The prices mentioned on this site will have a 100% reduction for children up to 3 years old and a 50% reduction for children between 3 and 11 years of age. All children must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.

The prices shown on this site already include VAT at the corresponding rates.


The traveler may withdraw from the contract at any time. In case of cancellation, the tour operator will have the right to charge a reasonable refund. The height of the refund will be determined by the price of the trip, deducting the amount of the expenses saved by the tour operator and thereafter, what he was able to obtain as compensation, using the travel service otherwise.

In case of cancellation before the start of the trip and also after that, the tour operator will be entitled to charge 1% of the price of the trip as compensation.

The height of the compensation is stipulated in the travel conditions of the respective tour operator. The cancellation of registration or reservation in any program, by the client, obliged to indemnify the organizing company as follows:

It is obligatory to pay 15%, 30%, 75% or 100% of the agreed cost, depending on whether the cancellation is made at 30, 15, 7, 3 or fewer days (business days) before the scheduled start date of the service.

In addition, the customer will be charged all expenses and charges borne by the Carrier with transportation, hotels or any other non-refundable charges.


Tour operators shall have the right to change or modify contractual services if changes or modifications are reasonable to the traveling participant, taking into account their interests. Reasonableness applies whenever the cause of the change is due to circumstances that can not be controlled by the tour operator, such as natural disasters, war or war, strikes, terrorist attacks, disease, political, economic and other travel service. Based on the immediate indication of the non-availability of the service, the travel agency may cancel the service.


The payment of the price of the trip is due after confirmation of the reservation. Payments can be made by: Paypal, Wester Union, Transfer. Cancellation fees, handling and changes in the reservation must be paid immediately.


The travel agency will provide the agreed services from the agency contract and service, providing the travel documents, such as tickets, vouchers, etc. on the premises of the travel agency. When the travel agent sends documents to the participant of the trip, the traveler assumes the risk from the moment of sending or delivery to a carrier.


The travel participant must claim any claims against the tour operator within five days after the contractual termination of the trip.


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