General FAQ’s


You may do so through our website, by e-mail or by telephone, always under the terms and conditions governing our company.

The reservation through the website is carried out through the following steps:

– Choose the tour;

– Choose the pick-up and drop-off location that suits you best;

– Make the reservation with payment of 30% or 100% by our methods of payment.

1- You must click the Tours Menu (main menu);
2- Then you should select the tour that is more like what you want to do;
3- Click on Book Now;
4- Select the date and number of people that will participate in the same tour;
5- You can change the pick up and drop-off location depending on the location that suits you most;
6- You should then ask for a quote by clicking on ” Place your request here ” at the bottom of the page;
7- You will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to describe precisely what activity you want to see changed and what activity you want to put in place of this or what activity you would like to do beyond the proposals;
8- Make a preferred contact;
9- Accept the Terms and Conditions;
10- Click on Request Budget;
11- You are redirected to a summary page of your order, where you can confirm the information registered and selected;
12- You’ll also receive an email letting you know that your budget request has been submitted and will be reviewed by management.

Note: After analysis by the administration, you will receive an email notifying you that the budget for the order has already been sent to you. You should therefore access your client area, and click on Accept (if you wish to proceed) or Reject (if it is not of interest to you).

1- To start your reservation, you must visit all the tours available by clicking the Tours Menu;
2- Next, you must enter the tour you want to perform by clicking on it;
3- Click on Reserve;
4 – Then choose the date you want to tour and select the number of people that will participate;
5- Next, you have the possibility to change the places of pick up and drop-off, if the visible ones are not the most convenient. To do this, simply click on Change pick-up location or drop-off;
6- Next, click Next Step to continue your reservation;
7- If you have any allergies or additional requirements, you should let the entity know through the fields for this purpose, at step number 2;
8- Accept the Terms and Conditions;
9- Click on Reserve;
10- You are redirected to a login page, where you must enter your email or log in via Facebook. You must enter the email address you registered with and click Sign in;
11- You will then have to enter your associated password and click Login again;
12- It is automatically redirected to step 3 of the reservation;
13- Select the method of payment and click on Make Payment;
14- You are redirected to a page where the summary of your tour appears and also the data to proceed with the payment of the same (if you have chosen Bank Transfer);
15- If you have chosen payment by Paypal, you are redirected to a page where you will have to enter your Paypal data and thus, to pay.
16- The client receives an e-mail informing that his / her reservation request of the tour has been made. Order status is set to New;
17- After the request is analyzed by the administrator, the client receives an e-mail confirming the availability (follow the steps indicated in the same e-mail);
18- You will have to go to the customer area to proceed with the payment of the tour (if you have not already done so);
19- On the respective tour, click on Payment;
20- If you have chosen Paypal you must do so, if you have chosen a bank transfer, you must upload the proof of payment;
21- After the payment has been made, the admin will have to confirm the same. After this confirmation, the client receives an email informing that his / her tour has been confirmed and requesting the data of the participants;
22- You must access the customer area and, on the respective tour, click on Info. Participants and fill in the required fields.
23- Click Save
24- Your tour has been booked successfully!

Note: In the customer area there is a Waiting for Payment label, because you still have to pay a fraction of the tour (if you have chosen to pay twice), if you have paid in full, the state is in Single Payment.


You can pay using the following payment methods:

– Paypall;

– ATM transfer;

– Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

All tours and experiences when booking must be made a payment of 30% or 100% of the total amount of the tour. The remaining payment will be made on the day of the tour.

It is possible to cancel the tour and in advance of the cancellation we will be able to refund the money of your reservation.

The time limit for booking the tour is as early as possible. In this case a reserved tour with only 24h in advance is limited to the available offer.

VAT is always included in the final price.

Customer Area

1- Access the main page;
2- Click on the menu link, Login / Register (upper right corner);
3- If you have a Facebook account, you can sign in with it, assuming that the system removes the necessary information from that social network. To do this, simply click on Authentication with Facebook;
o You are redirected to a login page of the social network, where you must enter the access data of the same;
o Next, a page appears to enter your personal data
4- If you want to create a root account you have to put your email or username in the indicated place and click on Login;
5- You are redirected to the registration page. You must enter your personal data and accept the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy (if not accepted, you can not register and therefore you should leave the page);
6 – Then click on Register;
7- You are informed that you will receive an email shortly to confirm the registration. You should therefore check your email;
8- In the inbox, you received an email with the subject: Email Address Confirmation. You should open this email and follow the steps indicated (if you do not have any email in your inbox check your Spam box);
9- After following the steps indicated in the email, you are redirected to a page where you have to enter your email and then click on Login;
10- Enter your password and click on Login again;
11- You are then redirected to the page of your personal data, where you can complete them.
12- Registration completed!

If you have forgotten your password, you will be prompted for a new one. For this you must:

1- Click on the link of the menu Login / Register (upper right corner);
2- You are redirected to the login page where, in the background, you will find a sentence that says ” Forgot your password? You should click Recover password;
3- You are prompted for your email, which you must enter to proceed. It will have to be the email associated with your client account. Click Restore password;
4- Next, you should check your mailbox, where you will find an email informing you that a password change has been requested. In this email is a link that should put in the search engine of your browser;
5- The page to which it is redirected is the password recovery page;
6- You must enter your e-mail and the new password you want;
7- Click the button at the bottom of the page;
8- You are redirected to your client area and your password has been retrieved.

Have a Question?

Feel free to reach out and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.